Story Trails

Perhaps the most innovative aspect of the Trust’s work has been the devising and presenting of the Easter and Christmas Story Trails, which have proved to be exciting, awe-inspiring, unforgettable experiences for primary-aged children.

Working in partnership with local churches, the Trust has presented the Trails – Easter (2003 onwards) and Christmas (2008 onwards) – to class groups from local primary schools at the end of the Autumn and Spring terms for the last 10 years.

The Trails allow primary-aged children to feel as if they have experienced the events of the first Christmas and the first Easter for themselves. From the moment they enter the Trail and meet the costumed storyteller the children are fully immersed in the setting and events from the first century. The story unfolds in a wholly engaging way as the children move in and through successive scenes so that as the Trail ends the children feel that they have been eye witnesses.

Easter Story Trail (

Easter Story TrailThe Easter Trail begins with preparations for the Last Supper, moving on to the Supper and the breaking of the bread and the wine, Jesus’ betrayal and arrest in Gethsemane, his trials, crucifixion at Golgotha and then burial as night falls on Friday evening. Finally, it’s on to the discovery of the empty tomb and the wonderful news of the risen Christ as he meets once more with his followers, with just enough time left to reflect on the significance of the events and share thoughts and questions.

Click here to visit the Easter Story Trail website for further information about how you might create and present a Trail in your own location.

Christmas Story Trail

Christmas Story TrailThe Christmas Trail sees the children discovering there is more to the Christmas story than they realise, and that the gifts presented by the magi reveal the secret of the baby in the manger. Moving from a cave high in the Judean desert to a first century home, to the mysterious dwelling of eastern stargazers, then quickly on to the fields outside Bethlehem, followed by a detour to the Temple and Herod’s palace in Jerusalem, the children finally arrive at the “stable” to connect all the pieces of the story together.

“An outstanding presentation in every respect. I am sure that what was seen and heard will be long remembered by those who witnessed it”

“Once again many thanks for all you gave us in that remarkable week before Holy week this year. It has been both memorable and effective”

“The Christmas story was captured perfectly and the narrative brought great meaning to the journey. Your sets were fabulous and the children were enthralled”

“Together you have provided a truly memorable experience that will stay with us throughout the Christmas season”